5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings Together

If you are hoping to get engaged to the woman of your dreams, you will be thinking about the proposal. In all the best films the man gets down on bended knee in some romantic location, preferably with music lilting gently close by, opens a silk lined box he had previously concealed and reveals a sparkling diamond ring as he proposes. Naturally, she loves it, accepts the proposal and slips the ring onto her finger. The ring fits perfectly, obviously.

Sadly, unless you have impeccable taste, know her preferences better even than she does and have more confidence than common sense, this set-up is unlikely to happen in reality. An engagement ring is often the first piece of significant jewelry that many women own, will hopefully last the rest of her life, and naturally, she wants to like it! Unfortunately many men risk buying an engagement ring that, at best, does not fit, or worse, she does not like!

With this in mind, the alternative of buying an 婚約指輪 久留米 together makes much more sense. And even if you are seriously considering buying the ring beforehand, here are the five good reasons why you should buy an engagement ring together.

1) You will buy the right ring.
When you shop for a ring together, you can be certain that she will love the ring. After all, why would she choose something she does not like?

2) The size will be right.
Her finger will be accurately sized so that the correct size of shank can be used to set the gemstones. You will not need to waste time later sending it away to be sized up or down.

3) It can save you money.
If you want to impress her, you might waste money buying a bigger, flashier diamond than the subtle and understated classy look that she would really like!

4) It sets a tone for your relationship together.
Gone are the days when the man was in charge and his wife did his bidding. Relationships today are often more equal partnerships. Going together to choose, what is, a big ticket item shows how you value and respect each other.

5) It can be very romantic.
Shopping for the ring together has symbolises the togetherness of the two of you as a couple as it is the first decision you will take, as one, as you embark on your lifelong journey of joint decisions. You can enjoy taking the time together to educate yourselves about diamonds. The process should not be rushed and jewelers often provide chairs and refreshments, even champagne, to couples buying engagement rings.

Sharing the experience of buying an engagement ring together can be one of the most memorable days of your life.

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