Add Driving Directions To Your Website The Easy Way

Adding driving directions to your website is really made easy with the advent of Google Maps. With Google Maps developer kit/API a web designer can create a map to of a location and provide directions direction within the same application. With the Google Maps API the directions are even clickable and zoom in providing extra diving details, it’s a great application. You can find out more about what Google Maps can do by visiting their developer website.

So what if your not a website designer or don’t know how to implement the Google Maps API on your website. Not to worry, I have developed an application that can be placed on almost any website and produce a map and driving directions. Its really a simple process all you have to do is sign up and provide us with some information about your website and your location, we’ll take care of the rest.

Because of the beautifully created Google Maps API we are able to not just display a map, lets say to your business location but also have driving directions displayed with out having to navigate away from your UFABET เว็บตรง page. Many people are using links to places link MapQuest or even Google Maps for displaying directions with this application you o longer will need to have a link to one of these other websites. Instead the directions and map are both displayed and embedded completely on your web page.

Why do you want the map and directions on your website?

Think about it, you web visitors are looking for directions on your site to your location. They find a link it sends them to some other website to get a map and directions. Now there is the possibility they could get distracted and go off on some other tangent. Also it breaks the flowed of your website, and they might have trouble getting back to your site if they needed other information. Plus if the map and directions are on your website you, in the event they want to print this out they will be printing your web page out. That’s another piece of advertisement that could be floating out there and you never know you could get more customer because someone say that printed page.

Well, if you interested in seeing and a demo of this application you can navigate on over to our demo page for Adding Driving Directions and Map to your website.

About the Author:

Sean Gallagher has been a website designer and developer since 1998. He has studied various areas within the field of the Internet. After teaching himself how to design and write programing code for web site and applications he begin by helping a high school teacher develop a school website. From there he realized the need for others to get them selves on the web so he started a web design and development company in 1998 and is still coding away today.


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