Air Pollution at Home

This paper is dedicated to improving our health and wellbeing. It describes in detail one of the main causes of air pollution at home and how we can obtain an assessment of the indicative level of this type of air pollution at our home.

We are all aware of the many causes of air pollution at home some of which are listed below:

1. Vehicle and Car Pollution
2. Smoke Pollution caused by burning off
3. Industrial Pollution (unnatural pollutants such as chemical vapors, fumes)
4. Environmental Pollution (such as natural gases, smog)
5. Mobile particle pollution (such as pollens, mobile dust particles, sandstorms)

This article will concentrate on the first cause described above as this is by far the most prominent cause of air pollution in most urban homes. We now have the ability to obtain an indicative assessment of the level of air pollution at our home caused by vehicles and cars.

An indicative level of is wildfire smoke pm2.5? for a home can be obtained by estimating the level of vehicle congestion and concentration of roads etc. that surround the home. This is achieved using products such as Google Maps and by noting the number and proximity of main roads, freeways, industrial areas, shopping centres and many other key hot spot areas surrounding the home. This method has been tested and validated previously when actual CO2 measurements were taken at typical congestion points and traffic “Hot Spots”, similar to those surrounding the property.

The location and proximity of the home to traffic congestion together with these “Hot Spots” will determine the level of vehicle pollution for the home or real estate property. Each real estate property will have its own unique level of vehicle pollution.

Toxic pollution gases such as SO2 and NOx emitted by vehicles is associated as a percentage of the CO2 level. As the CO2 level rises as a result of vehicle and car emissions, so do the levels of toxic gases. Long term exposure to high levels of pollutant gases may be harmful to our health, as reported frequently in many vehicle pollution websites on the internet.

Relevance of vehicle pollution when buying Real Estate

Assessing the level of vehicle pollution at a property is an invaluable tool for real estate property buyers and sales agents and consultants, when comparisons need to be made of the indicative levels of vehicle and car pollution of different real estate properties that are for sale. Together with Building Inspections and Pest Reports for a real estate property, assessing the level of vehicle pollution at a property is simply another important factor that can be considered when selecting the best location for the family home. We all have a right to know if a property is in a high pollution area, before we make such an important purchase.

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