Building Your Own Pool Solar Heaters – Easy and Worth It!

Pool selber bauen

Do you want to heat your pool and do it for a reasonable price? Are you ready to extend your swimming season by an extra month or two with a pool heater that will do trick for you and won’t hurt the environment? You can build your own pool solar heater and it will cost you less than buying one, plus it is easy.

You will be able to save a nice sum of money and you will have your own pride of doing it yourself. It is not hard to do and it will do the same or better job than a heater you would buy. Here is what you need to know about putting together your solar pool heater.

Start by getting about 100 to 150 feed of black tubing that is about a half inch around. You also need to pick up 10 to 15 feet of pvc pipe that is the right size to fit into the end of this black tubing. Get yourself a shut off valve that can be attached to the pvc pipe as well.

The other thing you need is a pump that is the right size to get the water moving up and through the tubing. You don’t want it to be too strong, though, because you want the water to moves slowly. When the water moves too fast it won’t get heated as well.

Next, you need to get a few two by fours and some brackets to hold them in place. The idea is to attach the black tubing to the two by fours by running it back and forth through them. You have to do this without kinking the tubing, but you want it to be nice and long.

This is the part of the heater you will be mounting on a dark surface that gets plenty of direct sunlight. This could be your roof, a shed, a garage, or any other area that will get the tubing nice and hot. When the water runs through the tubing at a slow pace it will heat up and help you get hotter water in your Pool selber bauen.

The final step is to attach the pvc pipe to each end. The end where the water will return to the pool gets the shut off valve. The other end is where you will put the pump and you should mount it somehow so it will work properly.

The water that goes though the tube needs to take its time so it will get very hot. Then, it will re enter the pool raising your water temperature to the desired level. This is the solar pool heater that will give you extra days of swim.

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