How Much Does a Professional Website Cost?

There are hundreds of web designers and programmers selling their services all over the internet. Before you get web design quotes from these top service providers, you need to first know what kind of website you are looking to create. Will it be a simple HTML website that advertises your business or will it be more interactive and require advanced web scripting? The difference in cost between the two is quite substantial. A website that needs programming and scripting will cost thousands of dollars to start. This is assuming your website is not too big. But if you are creating the next Google search engine or social media network, then you are looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

The service provider that does the scripting is called a web programmer. Do not confuse this with a web designer because there is a difference. The web programmer creates the actions that occur on a website, like when someone creates an account or sends a payment. These actions are all scripted by a web programmer, which is quite an extensive job. The website design rates, on the other hand, won’t be as expensive. Web designers are simply the ones who develop the graphics and layout of the website. Basically, they design the visual appearance that everyone sees when they visit the website. For a professional web designer, you are looking at about a thousand dollars for a well made web design. So when you add the costs of the web designer and web programmer together, you are looking at a minimum of $5000 to start. Again, this is only if you are creating a simple website that requires minimal programming. Anything bigger will cost more.

The other hurdle you will come across is the hosting fees. Since we are talking about a professional Costo sito internet that will likely be used for business purposes, you certainly don’t want to host the website with a shared hosting plan for $8 per month. Even though many shared hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth and hosting, they still limit the amount of script processes you can have. So if you have a heavily scripted site with a lot of traffic, your shared hosting account will get banned within days. Instead, you need to purchase a dedicated hosting plan at a minimum of $200 per month. These are servers that are not shared and are totally dedicated to your website. So it can handle as many script processes as you want. The only downside is that it has a bandwidth and web space limit. Therefore, you will have to purchase an upgrade for the dedicated server to expand those storage limits as your site gains more popularity.

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