How to Cut Search Engine Optimization Cost Down For Backlink Building?

How much do you spend to get your high backlinks? I am guessing a good amount if you are paying a service to do it for you, or if you are buy backlinks cheap packets made by other people and paying a monthly fee. You can cut your search engine optimization cost greatly with some easy to use software, and even outsource the work for much cheaper than other SEO services. With something like SEO SpyGlass you only pay for the product once, there are no monthly fees and you can outsource to get huge high PR backlink lists made for you cheap!

So what does SEO SpyGlass do and why would it reduce your search engine optimization cost?

The software allows you, or your outsourcer to analyze competition, or any high PR websites to see where they are locating their backlinks. You can then use these backlinks yourself and get more to rank high in the search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! If you outsource the link building you can get it done fairly cheap on a website such as Elance, and you do not have to stop there you can also outsource the backlinking itself after your link packets are created! This will free up your time to work on more projects, or to create quality content.

Here are some guidelines you can give to your outsourcer for using this software.

  • Make sure that the links are do-follow (The software shows if they are!)
  • Get only PR3+ links! (Lower if you want, I try to focus on pr3+)
  • Get links with less external links for best results. (PR is spread between external links less is better.)

With those three guidelines you can have your outsourcer produce lots of backlink packets for you at low cost! Just have them make a nice list in excel showing the entire link and the PR of each link. After you have your lists you can outsource the link building too. You want him or her to use your anchor text as keywords in the links they build for you. Make sure they make a list of where they did link to so you can double check them later if you wish! If they make forum links make sure that they make a list and email you the user and pass for each forum account.

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