Interesting Halloween Face Painting Designs and Ideas

Halloween is one of the most celebrated events in the United States every year. There are many companies that I know of where the employees take a day off to showcase their creativity. It used to be a showdown of the most scary Vampires or Witches, but now you see all kinds of dress ups and impersonating of movie characters or cartoons. Not surprisingly, face painting designs are fairly pronounced in this annual event.

Here are some basic face painting ideas to get you prepared for the Halloween.

Halloween face painting design 1: Ghost

First apply a white base coat. I prefer to put 2 layers just to make it more even since you can do this very quickly using a sponge. Then apply another layer of light grayish color sporadically on different parts of the CDC ASTM mask standards  make it a little flaky and scary. You may add some black spots. Paint the nose black, the lips bright red, and create dark circles around the eyes like a pair of Panda bear eyes. Create stitches on the lips by making light strokes of black lines starting from the lips out onto the skin. If you are a man, consider wearing a hat and put on a bow tie. If you are a lady, cut your long hair loose, mess it up a little and have it cover part of your face.

Halloween face painting design 2: Vampire

Apply a white base coat using a sponge. Bold the eye browns with black face paint and draw an extended thick side-burn if you have short hair. You may also paint 2mm into the nostrils to darken the nose wells for added effect. Paint the lips red and draw fangs coming out of each corner of the lips. The fangs should be grayish white but dip some red to emulate blood. Wear a set of fake Vampire teeth set to make it more realistic. Remember that your dressing must compliment the face design, so choose a good set of Vampire costume.

Halloween face painting design 3: Bat

You can use an orange-red color base instead of the traditional white. It looks cool under dimmer lights. The bat is painted with a black paint with its face above the nose, and its tail at the tip of the nostrils. The bat’s wings spread evenly onto both sides of the face, covering the eyes. Outline the wings with fine grey paints to create some definitions. The color of the lips isn’t that important, but I’ve tried gold paint that rests well with the orange-red base.

For more painting ideas, check out the resource below.

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