Link Popularity – Buying Text Links on High Pagerank Websites

It is well known that major search engines rank your website based on the quantity and quality of links that are pointing to your site. Webmasters use various methods to increase their website’s link popularity. One of them is using text links ads. These are ads that are very similar to newspaper’s ads, without graphics. You just write a headline with a short description and include the link to your website. Visitors clicking on them are directly sent to your site. And obviously, the search engine spiders visiting those websites follow your link. And because these are one-way links (also called backlinks), they have a higher weight in the search engines’s algorithms which determine your website’s ranking.

The most important part of this method is to choose the website where you put your link. For obvious reasons, most webmasters prefer to place their links on highly ranked websites or directories. The higher the Pagerank of the website offering you a one-way link, the better for you. In fact, the most effective quality links are those placed on PR5 websites or higher.

Some webmasters dark web links  at a monthly basis, what the advertisers call recurring billing. You place your inbound link on a high ranked website and you pay an agreed fee every month. This method has the disadvantage of tying you up for long i.e. if you don’t pay your monthly bill, your link will be removed and you’ll no longer have the benefit you were looking for in the first place: having a quality link pointing to your website from a high ranked website.

But there is nowadays another interesting alternative: some text links directories offer the possibility of placing your link with a one-off fee. You then have a permanent link to your website. No recurring billing! No link removal! And the most exciting feature is that those one-off payments can costs as little as $1-$5. This is a cheap and highly cost-effective method of increasing your popularity. Usually, webmasters who want their website to appear at prominent places, such as the homepage or the top of a category page, have to bid more than the others. They decide what they want to pay in order to appear where they want. A fair enough system, in my opinion.

How to identify such websites? Do as I did. Use Google. You can make a search via Google, using keywords such as -buy cheap text links- for example.

I hope that this article will be useful to those new webmasters who want to increase their link popularity.


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