Reiki Case Study Questions and Answers

In supervising pupils’ Reiki case studies, I get many unusual questions. This makes them of course usual, normal questions! If you are going through your Reiki case studies at the moment, I hope this article can help shed light on some common manifestations, this time about an ear issue.

An experienced and very talented pupil reported that something totally weird to him had just happened with a case study. Whilst performing this case study, everything initially went fine. The session was proceeding pretty much like any other that he was so used to giving. However, my pupil suddenly got an intuition that he should go to the persons ears and cup them both, as if to block out sound towards the outside world. He followed his intuition and cupped both ears with his hands. After about a minute in this hand position, a sharp pain shot through my pupil’s right hand.

Although this was a sudden shock to my pupil and a sign to him that something unusual had happened, his case study client said that nothing weird happened to him either before or after the session. Nor had anything unusual happened to him since the appointment.

So, what happened there, you may well ask? I can hazard an educated guess. To start with, the feeling my pupil experienced was just energy after all. It seems to me from experience that he may well have released an energy disruption from the ear area for his case study client. And I would also make an educated guess that the client was blissfully unaware of this. There is no need for the client to be aware of anything. He will enjoy whatever benefits come from this session and not know that my pupil had probably prevented physical or emotional challenges caused by the stuck energy that had been in the ear area.

If you have had something unusual happen in a Reiki session, and your client did not notice it, you can give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself “Well Done”! Not all clients have to experience weird and amazing things during or after their session. Sometimes the best Reiki sessions are the understated ones.

If you have any jamb runz about your case studies, do not hesitate to contact your Reiki Master Teacher. If for whatever reason, you do not have your Master Teacher available to answer your questions, the next best thing is to attend Reiki and Healing shares, where there will be an experienced facilitator who can help you.


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