The Best Air Mattress – Can a High Quality Bed Mattress Help in the Prevention Or Cure Of Bed Sores?

Is the best air mattress on the market the answer to bed sore problems? Many nursing homes and people confined to a bed for long periods have pressure point sores, which are often referred to as bed sores and an air bed mattress can help in this situation. This can actually be a very serious situation if the sores become severe and then infection can set in. When the elderly and those with weakened immune systems get infections, they can become life threatening. However,if you go for the best air mattress that suits your needs, you will find that it will help reduce sores all together. have individual chambers that help with the pressure points on the back and buttocks where bed sore normally form. By not having a completely flattened surface, like a regular mattress, it helps keep the bed sores at bay and is a great alternative for those confined to a bed. In addition, the air beds that are specifically made to prevent bed sores are very comfortable for those they lay on it for extended periods because the chambers can be adjusted accordingly.

Going for the best air mattress that has been recommended by your physician or other consumers in mattress reviews you will find also helps to prevent bed sores by alternating the pressure points, which in turn means that your loved one is not lying flatly against the mattress day in and day out. In addition, the high quality air mattresses come with quiet pumps, which produce a continual airflow. The medical air beds were once only used in hospital settings, but today are available for home use for those that care for someone that is bed-ridden.

The air bed mattresses help reduce sores further by offering more than one comfort levels, and some offer as many as 10, which means you can adjust for comfort and adjust frequently so that the possibility of sores is greatly reduced. Many of the very high technology air beds have automated adjustable cycles, which means the air within the chambers is never stagnate for long, making it virtually impossible for bed sores to occur.

Additionally, an air bed can actually help heal those bed sores that have formed on traditional mattresses and keep any new ones from reappearing. The air beds have been very highly reviewed because they work very well in easing the discomforts associated with bed sore. In addition, the air beds reduce the risk of serious infections that bed sores can cause, which is never good for those with weakened of compromised immune systems.

Final Thoughts

Air beds can certainly help heal and prevent sores when they are a high quality product and have features specifically designed to readjust the air in the chambers, which takes of pressure on the body. Many of the air beds are being used in long-term nursing facilities because it cuts down on the number of infections from bed sores that can occur from traditional mattresses.

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