Top Tips For Finding The Best Learning Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to decide between the age-appropriate learning toys that are available, whether you have a newborn baby or a seven-year-old child. I know that finding the right learning toys for my daughters involved some research before running across some helpful tips about choosing the best learning toys.

The first thing is asking whether the toy is going to be fun for the child to play with. A child learns more from toys they enjoy playing with, because they will play with them longer. This might mean you need to balance the complexity of the challenge the toy presents with the fun it provides. Most interactive teaching games use interesting colors, characters or videos, which may be the most suited for your child’s attention span.

It helps to match the best learning toys with your child’s personal interests because they will tend to play with it more. You might remember wanting to be a doctor or nurse when you were younger. On the other hand, you might have wanted to be a policeman or fireman, ballerina or princess. It can be helpful to learn what your child is most fascinated with because they will view the learning toys as a real-life tool to help them in their imaginary occupation, if they are related.

If your child is independent and patient, you can find learning toys that will keep them occupied for hours. Keep in mind that board games aren’t that fun with only one player. Some of today’s electronic learning games are interactive and might include computer use. On the other hand, young children might love wooden puzzles, building blocks or Legos and even coloring in a coloring book can provide creative ways to keep their mind occupied, without other children or adults around.

You want to help the child develop social skills and there are some types of toys that encourage group play. Many young girls love playing house or school, while young boys might enjoy playing with train sets or army men. While these seem a little sexist, there still seems to be a gender line for many young children. Sometimes, you might consider learning toys that develop motor skills and encourage physical exercise, even if it is a bike, trampoline or other types of physical games. These are just a few of the tips to consider, however.


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