Vienna – History of an Imperial City

Because of its favored topographical arrangement, just between the Danube waterway and the Alps that plunge tranquilly to the mountains called Wienerwald. The Austrian capital was through its dynamic history a vital factor to consider for the eventual fate of the entire genuine Europe.

The way that it was put in the junction of the extraordinary courses among Occidental and Oriental Europe, before long caused Vienna to turn into the core of Europe. Yet, the cycle to arrive at that goal was a long way from simple, as history clarifies. In their endeavors to get their properties and the Mediterranean ocean against the Northern intruders, the romans, under Augustus ruler, involved this special zone between the Alps and the Danube.

In its starting point, they set up essentially an officers camp base, the most grounded they had in Austria, close to the position that the real Vienna possesses, and later it got capital of the area during almost 400 years. A few years after the fact, in Claudius time, Limes was worked at the east, as a high level protective spot to control the line. Additionally, as a parallel protection of the focal camp, some other troop camps were inherent what today is the Third District of Vienna.

Around year 115, the primary soldiers where moved to this new camps. After this occurred, a pundit period was to follow, and after genuine fights against the savage trespassers, opposition went down and the entire city was crushed.

Just at year 960 the domain was prepared again to be remade, after the current sovereign reinforced the oriental boundary. 1137 is the year when Vienna is first assigned as a city and 1156 brings to Vienna the nature of the capital of the domain.

Umzug wien is incredibly brimming with story. A few stones remaining there have seen numerous realms come and go, however in the end the outcome was the self-evident. Vienna has a special situation in the core of Europe and this made numerous domains to be keen on acquiring this position. At same time, regardless of whether it was torched once in the early years, the genuine city was never vanquished again and surprisingly opposed the fight against the Turkish soldiers somewhere in the range of 1529 and 1683.

This conflict alone can be perceived as numerous others that occurred on that period, however it truly had an uncommon importance for the entire Europe, as in that period the entire strength of Europe was brought there. In the event that Vienna would have not opposed, very likely the entire Occidental progress would have been annihilated.


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