Wands Court Cards In a Tarot Deck

Tarot card decks are divided into the Major and Minor Arcane. The Minor Arcane, which deals with everyday or common occurrences, is made up of fifty six cards divided into four elemental suits: Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air) and Coins (earth). Each suit contains ten cards that start with Ace, followed by two then proceeding on to ten. Then there are four court cards: the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Ace of the suit sums up the overall theme. The numbered cards in the center clarify what has or will happen and what can be done. The personifications of the court cards represent ways we can exist in the world and how that tactic could benefit or harm us. In certain Tarot patterns, they represent real people- either ourselves or someone we interact with.

The suit of Wands carries overall King of wands reversed of action, creativity and movement. Fire is the associated element and its presence indicates passion, energy and being tested. The court cards of Wands introduce characters that can be recognized externally or internally. They are more concerned with attributes then occurrences. Occurrences can be gleamed from other cards and approached with the knowledge of what court card personality will be available to take on the situation.

The Page of any suit is spontaneous and pleasure oriented like a young child. The Page of Wands is all about passion for life. Internal energy can provide the fuel for conquering fears, habits and achieving freedom. This card is assertive and carries confidence and action. The card will normally not come up in relation to an event- usually referring to either yourself or another person.

The Knight of Wands is warm, generous, energetic, humorous, optimistic and enthusiastic. There is also a morality to this knight in shining armor including a desire to protect the vulnerable. Dragons can be slain, doubts torn to bits and obstacles put behind you if this card comes up in your Tarot reading. He does have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another and balance can be a key to make sure his energy doesn’t become a runaway train.

Determination and ambition mark the Queen of Wands. This card normally comes up in a Tarot reading after significant traumas have taught valuable lessons. Loyal, honest, proud and forceful The Queen makes a good friend but strong foe. Her presence can signify to do absolutely anything if the will is great enough. She is as capable as the King but has the quiet force of feminine energy.

The King of Wands carries some of the same morality and nobility as the Knight. The King is connected with nature, mature, faithful and realistic. He has the strength to move through the obstacles of life while picking up the weak and carrying them on his back. There can be a delay of action associated with this Tarot card stemming from an inability to wisely pick battles and overanalyzing. Overall, the King is masculine strength and capability personified.


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